In late 2014, civil unrest stopped Hong Kong in its tracks, a result of excessive police force sparked the release of simmering tension against the Beijing Central Government. The humble umbrella became the symbol of defiance as it was used as a shield against the deployment of pepper spray. The yellow ribbon started to appear on my newsfeed and I was asked by a friend to design a symbol for her placards. The result is an umbrella hidden in the shape of the ribbon. I thought it might be good to mobilise protests through an app - although I was aware it would never have been possible. A hack of an existing software would have been more likely.

Later, a counter-protest emerged and my opinion began to shift. HK was harming itself to make a point. I started to lean on the Silent Majority, the protestors in blue who wanted their city back to normal. I produced another graphic to show the umbrella closed and unused.